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NASSCOM - CBRE DISRUPTECH is India’s biggest Real Estate PropTech challenge aimed to expand the footprint of technology in the sector. Envisioned by CBRE India, this platform seeks to identify sectoral opportunities that can be leveraged through the adoption of technology to offer long-lasting solutions. It will also look at pre-empting an array of possible disruptions to keep the industry ahead of the innovation curve in the world of property-technology or 'PropTech'.

A recent survey by CBRE further reinforces the rapid pace at which digitization is taking precedence across the sector. More than 90% of the occupiers and developers are aiming to bring a technological shift in their business operations within the next five years. Digitization has resulted in a more coherent relationship between developers and occupiers; the former is fine tuning their strategies to be in line with occupier’s expectations on technology and infrastructure.

For an industry as diverse as infrastructure, technology holds the key to transform the way we envision, develop and deploy real estate. To augment this opportunity, the NASSCOM - CBRE DISRUPTECH is designed to identify, mentor and develop the best technology solutions that will enable the Indian real estate industry to take a quantum leap over the coming years. Through this platform, we seek to uplift those emerging businesses which have the potential to transform the real estate landscape with technology-driven, creative, innovative and disruptive thinking

Our Aim

The NASSCOM - CBRE DISRUPTECH aims to identify budding start-ups working towards innovating and building technology solutions for the real estate sector. The collective objective here is to help accelerate the adoption of these technologies and drive digital transformation in the real estate landscape.

Who Should Participate?

If you are a start-up organization with a vision and ability to disrupt the traditional rules of real estate and offer solutions to ensure sustainable operational efficiency throughout the value chain, don’t hold back. Be a part of India’s biggest ‘prop-tech’ revolution by partnering with NASSCOM, the most profound apex body supporting the innovation ecosystem in India and CBRE, the world’s largest real estate consulting organization.

How Can You Apply?
  • Fill up a form with your company information and submit a preliminary pitch presentation detailing the innovative idea under the given segments.
  • Your pitch presentation should not be more than 12 slides and must cover the following aspects
  1. Introduction Slide
    • Company name and logo
    • One line that clearly describes the concept/product/service
    • Contact details (city, e-mail, mobile) · URL ·
  2. Team
    • Highlight team members and their profiles
    • Indicate if the person is a co-founder or founding team member or an employee – against each indicate the % of equity held (currently or planned if not yet distributed)
  3. The Issue or Pain Point That Your Product/Solution Addresses:
    • Explain why the Real Estate industry needs your solution
  4. Product/Technology Overview
    • Highlight the uniqueness of the product or service or technology
  5. Business Model
  6. Size of the Market Opportunity
  7. Current Traction
    • What have you achieved so far – product, customers, revenues, etc.
  8. Competitive Landscape
    • Who are currently or in future likely to compete against your product/service and what is your plan to win this battle?
  9. Financials Current and Projections
    • Summary of your business plan (Annual only)
  10. Funding Needs, Use of Funds & Proposed Valuation:
    • Describe how much money you want to raise and its planned usage
    • Mention if there are other co-investors (or others who have already committed)
    • Indicate how long will these funds last and what you will be able to achieve with it
    • Clearly mention if you are going to require follow-on capital, and if so, how much
    • The valuation you are seeking for this round.
  11. Current Equity Structure, Fundraising History and Investors
    • Table of current equity holding (cap table)
    • Mention previous investment history, including year, amount and investors
  12. Exit Options for investors
Please note, you can only apply once through a registered user ID. Once submitted, you cannot edit your details or submissions